Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day.....

Mothers Day,    A day that brings mixed feelings...  (Somehow I didn't get this posted, but want to do it

Like most people, I love my  She is the best...  It was always about us kids.... she never complained about anything...ever.  She never made my dad look bad... and she could have (love you daddy).  My mommy didn't speak very good English and couldn't read at all...  So at night when we would read our school books, she would read them back to us.. and taught herself!!! Her dad died when she was in what would be our 7th or 8th grade... and she had to stop going to school and start working in a tire factory to bring money in the home.(Can you imagine!!!)  I have one fun memory...  When I was in the 3rd Grade, we lived in Texas... and my mom and her friend Mrs. Simmons would get all their chores done for the  They would make a cooler of stuff .... lets just say it was not for kids... smile. Then they would sit outside for sometime and wait for us to come home from school..  We would play Dodge ball...  and they would be the one's throwing the ball...  They would hit us so hard... and then double over in laughter.... Funny Funny!!!!  My mommy is the best cook ever...  German Food is some good stuff!!!! Anyway, I love my Mommy and that is that!!!
On the other hand... Mothers Day reminds me that I don't have any kiddo's ... and sometimes that makes me super sad... Not all the time, if  I have to be super honest... smile.  Just a reminder of what could have been...  Anyway...  I was still given a wonderful card today, from a very sweet person.. made me feel better.  Thank you....Sweet Person... 

Have a great week, and go out there and love on someone!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Morning...

My Morning....
I love my mornings... I get up and get us both ready..(wink) yes Mr. Camper is a grown man.. but he needs me to get him out the door in a timely fashion..hehe.  I wait to hear him tap on the horn and I wave...  shut the door... and then get myself ready...   I watch my Fox and Friends (they are fair and balanced don'tchaknow) as I get ready... I hear them laughing and cutting up and I love it... smile.  

Time to depart.... and as I do I am almost always greeted by some sort of critter. Most of the time my screams scare them away... and my plea for them to come back... is never heard. "silly city girl"  As I make my way down the walkway... I make my daily decision to water or not to water my perfectly spotted with weeds.. flowers. Today they had Mr. Camper watering them... he is much nicer then I.    But normally I battle between helping them out or seeing if they can live off of the morning dew... smile.  As I start down the driveway, I am greeted by two Turkeys that have been hanging around.  One has a limp when he pick's up speed, and I say out loud....  "Lord heal that Turkey"  I start to chuckle... Heal that Turkey..hehe.  At the end of the driveway, I  come to a crop wall of Rye... it is way to high and I don't like it...  Can't wait for the next crop... something short please. I turn onto the road, and sip on my fastly cooling coffee... still good!!! Yum Yum.. I drive a time and my mind starts floating... and I think... what if I just kept driving... find a road I haven't taken yet!!!  Wouldn't that be great... but my thoughts come back when I pass the boathouse that Mr. Camper and I got married at... it is one of my favorite places... so pretty... !!!! A few feet past my last thought.. I see a mommy and daddy goose... with two baby chicks... they are so cute and fluffy... I so badly want to stop and sit and watch, but I am already running late... keep driving... city girl!!!!  Town streets come in to my view, and I begin my daily finger wave or nod....  First the morning walking pair of gentleman and dog... every morning they are there...  so polite looking.  Then Mr. Sitting on my stup... if the weather is good, you will find him out there... waving to every passing person.  What a great wave he has... never whimpy.... always happy... I try to greet him with the same happy wave...  it is easy when you see him smile.  Sometimes his wife sits and waves also... I love it!!!! Shortly there after... I turn into my place of work... and I know that stinking Mockingbird is waiting for me to get out of my smurf mobile... so he can sit on it and deposit white patchs of  I go and sit at my desk... my buddy next office over... every morning walks in and says.. Morning Sunshine.....  I smile and my morning is done.. and the day begins....  I love my mornings...I do.    

Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome to Two Happy Campers!

We are Billy and Bernie Camper.
Just call us Two Happy Campers.
We love life, each other, and Jesus.
Welcome to our blog!